Aki-Home is proud to offer Uniters Pure Furniture Protection Plans


What does Uniters do?

The Uniters Protection Plan offers a 5 year extended protection plan for your furniture that protects against accidental stains, damage, and component failure above and beyond what the manufacturers 1-year warranty covers.



Some things in life are unavoidable no matter how careful you are. Accidents happen, and so do the stains and damage that can occur from them. You can’t prevent accidents from happening, but you can be prepared for them when they do happen.

Why do you have insurance on your home, car, boat and other valuables? In case you ever have an accident that results in an expensive repair or having to replace the item. You pay a little now to avoid paying a lot later. It’s peace of mind protection. It’s also a smart investment for your furniture too. When you buy new furniture you are making an investment, and just like your other investments or valuables, it makes sense to protect them.



Pure Balance

Our Pure Balance Plan offers Accidental Stain Protection plus Accidental Damage Protection plus Structural and Component Failure Protection.
Please read the limited warranty document for complete coverage details.



  • Expert assistance and live support from our warranty service center at warrantyservice.com
  • Access to and special pricing on most of our popular cleaning and care products
  • Contact Uniters by phone, app, or e-mail within 15 days from discovery of an accidental stain, covered accidental damage, or a covered structural or electrical problem (when applicable)
  • For stains, we first provide you with professional cleaning advice including sending out free products if necessary to remove the stain. If the stain persists, we then send out a Certified Service Technician to professionally remove the stain
  • For all other covered accidents, damage or structural failures, we will send out a Certified Service Technician to professionally repair the item
  • If we are unable to remove a stain or repair the damage, we replace the affected item or replace the entire piece of furniture free of charge. If your furniture is no longer available, you can reselect new furniture or equal of lesser value
  • Read your limited warranty for complete coverage details. In cases where there is a discrepancy between copy on this website and the limited warranty, the limited warranty will govern


What does it cost?

Cost of the plan is based on the total value of your furniture purchase. 

Furniture Purchase Total Cost of Uniters Pure Plan
$0 - $499.99 $49.99
$500 - $799.99 $69.99
$800 - $999.99 $89.99
$1000 - $25,000 $129.99


Do I have to buy a plan for each piece of furniture?

The plan covers all furniture purchased at the same time.

i.e. If you purchase a sofa, loveseat, and a dining table on the same day for a total of $980.00, you would pay $89.99 for a Uniters Plan that would cover all 3 pieces.