Easy, No Bake Halloween Treats

Easy, No Bake Halloween Treats

Cup of Dirt

Halloween cup of dirt


Serving Size: 6-8 cups

Total Time: 15 minutes


-15-20 Oreos or any chocolate cookie

-1 pack of Regular or sour gummy worms (your preference)

-8oz Cool Whip

-1 regular box of Instant chocolate pudding mix

-2 Cups of Non Fat milk


Step 1

Place the cookies into a large zip lock bag. Use a roller pin to smash the cookies

into crumbs. Save for later.

Step 2

Place the pudding mix in a medium–large size bowl add water and stir for 2

minutes until milk and pudding are mixed evenly.

Step 3

Wait for pudding to set for 5 minutes

Step 4

Add cool whip. Use whisk to stir in cool whip.

Step 5

Add ½ of the cookie crumbs and ½ of the gummy worms. You can eye ball it. It

doesnt have to be exact. Stir until all mixed in.

Step 6

If serving in cups, place mixture into the individual cups. If serving in a bowl, move

on to next step.

Step 7

In each cup, or in the bowl, add the rest of the gummy worms on

top, then sprinkle the rest of the cookie crumbs.

Voila! You have made a delicious Halloween Treat!

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