Donabe Hot Pot

Donabe Hot Pot

  What is Donabe?

Donabe is a type of pot made out of clay. Click the button below to become more familiar with Donabe!

  Product Lineup

Five styles are available online and in stores.
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Ukigumo Lightweight Made in Japan

Ukigumo Super Lightweight Made in Japan

20% lighter than the conventional Donabe.
Easier to handle.


Karu:ecle Lightweight

Karu:ecle Lightweight Donabe

Karu:ecle is our popular Japanese dinnerware series.
You can easily enjoy coordinating.

Karu ecle

Sogi Traditional

Sogi Donabe

Sogi comes from our popular dinnerware series.
Its lid is engraved with traditional Japanese patterns.


Kiriyuki Simple

Kiriyuki Donabe

White, simple-designed Donabe.
Kiriyuki means Snow Grains in Japanese.


  Donabe Dinnerware & Cookware

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Find ALL Donabe Goods

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For easy Donabe cooking preparation and sake goods, click the link below for all your Donabe essentials.

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Donabe Collection

  What is Donabe?

"Donabe", also known as Hot Pot, is a earthenware pot, which is made of clay. "Do" means clay,  and "Nabe" means pot in Japanese.

Hot Pot dishes, also called “Nabemono” are best enjoyed in the winter months. “Nabemono” is a perfect meal to be shared with friends or family and is deeply rooted in many Asian cultures.

Donabe and Dinnerware

  Since earthenware pots have lower thermal conductivity,
  food can be simmered for long periods of time without over cooking.

Donabe and Dinnerware

*Do not place hot Donabe directly on your tabletop.

  What is the difference between Donabe and other pots?

*Heat Storage

The specific heat of earthenware is said to be about twice that of iron. Therefore,  Donabe Hot Pots do not cool down easily once heated.

*Moisture Retention

Heat-resistant ceramics such as earthenware pots are porous and generally have a water absorption rate of about 10%, which prevents the food from drying out.


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