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Diatomaceous earth bath mat


Superior water absorbency and quick-drying

Diatomaceous earth has a large number of small holes, which enable it to absorb and hold a large amount of water.In addition, due to its self-sustaining respiration, diatomaceous earth absorbs moisture and naturally releases it, resulting in water absorption and quick-drying performance.

No need to wash

Fiber-based bath mats must be washed every day because bacteria will grow on them if they remain wet. Diatomaceous earth bath mats can keep their water absorbency and cleanliness with regular maintenance.

A smooth feeling when you touch it

It absorbs water immediately when touched so it has a wonderful feel.

Water absorption and quick-drying properties

After 10 seconds, it will start to dry.
10 minutes, it will be smooth and waterless.

Because diatomaceous earth is a breathable soil, it has the ability to regulate humidity and inhibit the growth of germs and fungus. So, you don't need to wash it.

sand paper maintenance

Maintenance methods

When the water absorbency is reduced or stains are attached

please use the sandpaper provided with the product to scrape them off.

Dry it in the shade once a week

*Diatomite tile bath mats can be dried in the sun.

Place on a flat surface

Do not place the product on uneven surfaces as it may crack.

Maintenance methods

Bath Mat Stand

Tooth Brush Stand



Dish Rack

Block For Drying

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