Fitted Sheet +
Padded Sheet Topper

Usually, you need to attach two things to the mattress, a box sheet and a pad, but with the box pad, you only need one, so you can put it on quickly and easily in half the time.

cooling pad
cool to the touch

Cool To The Touch

You feel cool when you touch it, because there is a lot of heat moving from your body.
Let's make N-Cool your friend in the hot summer.

Neat on the front
Firm on the back

No visible elastic on the front side for a neat look. The back side is wrapped and fixed firmly.
It does not slip easily even if you are a bad sleeper, and can be used with thick mattresses and futons.

neat on front firm on the back
sleep directly

Can sleep directly on it.

The pad and sheet are combined into one, so you can sleep directly on it as soon as you put the fitted mattress pad over it.

N-Cool Fitted Mattress Pad

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