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No. Synchrony does not offer a Visa or MasterCard. Synchrony offers an Aki-Home account card that can be used for special finance promotions when a customer purchases at Aki-Home.

Yes. Your Aki-Home account card is a revolving account. As long you have an open to buy amount you can use your Aki-Home card anytime when you purchase and have furniture delivered at Aki-Home. Store pickups, will calls and cash and carry items do not qualify for financing options.

Once you receive your delivery from Aki-Home you will receive your first bill approximately 30 to 45 days after the day of your delivery.

If a customer does not pay off the balance by the end of the promotional period they will be charged 29.99% and the rate does accrue from the beginning of their billing cycle. Also if a customer is late for any payment they will receive a late charge.


Don’t panic! The reason this happens is because Synchrony has seen a red flag on the application and might need to further investigate before a decision is made. Just let the applicant know we will need to contact Synchrony as they might need additional information from the customer. Ask the applicant to shop around and you will come get them when you have more information on the decision of their application.

Synchrony basis all their credit decisions based upon the customer’s credit history. If a customer is not approved just let them know that Synchrony will not offer us any information about why they decided not to approve the applicant. Let the customer know Synchrony will send them a letter of why the applicant was not approved within 10-20 business days.

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