8" Avoverde Non-Stick Frying Pan

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    • Avocado oil non-stick coating provides excellent food release
    • PFOA & PTFE-Free for a safer and better environment
    • Greatly reducing or eliminating the need for butter or grease
    • Browns and sears meat better and faster than conventional non-stick coating
    • Best-in-class stain-resistance makes for easy cleanup


In the pursuit of health and wellness, we've infused one of the healthiest oils, avocado oil, into a ceramic non-stick coating to create Avo-verde Cookware.  By infusing Avacado Oil into our ceramic coating, we have created a non-stick that is not only better for the environment but better for you.


8.1"W x 15.0"D x 2.0"H


Topcoat infused with avocado oil for healthier cooking

Primer reinforced with titanium-based particles for incredible durability

Metal substrate for increased wear resistance

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