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hotel style pillow

Point 1

Microfiber wadding is used as padding.

Hotel style pillows use specially processed ultra-fine fibers. We have pursued a high quality sleeping comfort that slowly sinks in, has excellent elasticity, and envelops you. It is almost as soft as down.

hotel style pillow large

Point 2

Soft and supple side fabric.

The "side fabric" is so soft that you will want to dust it off. The pillow is gusseted to prevent it from losing its shape.

hotel style pillow

Point 3

Soft and fluffy pillow with plenty of volume.

Hotel-style pillows designed for comfort create a quality sleep! By pulling the pillow up to the shoulder opening, placing your head on it deeply, and supporting the weight of your head with the entire back of your head and neck, your neck and shoulders will be less tired.



Point 4

Machine washable, so it's always clean.

It can be easily machine washed using a net.

Hotel Style Pillow
Machine washable (use net)




  • 19.7"W X 27.6"D X 7.9"H

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