N-Cool Body Pillow Variety Small Set 4PC

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1.76 lb
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  • N-COOL. Nitori | Aki-Home's COOLING BEDDING SERIES - Cool to the touch. You feel cool when you touch it, because there is a lot of heat moving from your body. Lets make N-Cool your friend in the hot summer.
  • Hand Wash.
  • A bargain set of Animal Body Pillows!



Dimensions & Set Contents:

  • 250798183500 N-Cool Body Pillow N-S Seal S: 15.7"W X 7.9"D X 5.9"H (1PCs)
  • 250798183700 N-Cool Body Pillow N-S Penguin S: 5.9"W X 15.7"D X 7.5"H (1PCs)
  • 250798183900 N-Cool Body Pillow N-S Whale S: 15.7"W X 7.9"D X 4.7"H (1PCs)
  • 250798184200 N-Cool Body Pillow N-S Shark S: 15.7"W X 9.4"D X 5.9"H (1PCs)

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Product Weight: 1.76 lb

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1.76 lb

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