Refill Cleaner 3P Mishinme


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  • A perforated seam that is easy to peel off.
  • Width 0.42 ".
  • Core inner diameter 1.5".
  • 90 scrolls.
  • 3 bottles.
  • Precautions for handling common size of each company.
  • Even if the product is before opening, the adhesive may lose stickiness due to the conditions such as for long periods of time.
  • Please do not store in areas subject to high temperature (near fire) or in areas exposed to direct sunlight or outdoors.
  • This product is for carpets.
  • Please do not use this product in flat places such as flooring, glass, or tatami.
  • The adhesive tape may not be removed.
  • Please stop using this product in a long carpet (standard is more than 9.84 ").
  • Adhesive tape may be entangled.


  • Paper


  • 6.30"W X 1.97"D X 1.97"H (16 X 5 X 5cm)

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