Uniters Pure: Furniture $500 - $800

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Fabric, Leather, Vinyl, Wood, Glass, Laminates, Metal & Stone

Furniture is typically the third largest investment anyone makes, behind homes and automobiles. Once furniture is in the home, it is inevitable that accidents happen. Spills, stains, rips, tears, burns, punctures, or manufacturer defects can quickly turn a once positive buying experience into your worst nightmare. UNITERS furniture protection plans are the very best in the industry, rapidly turning your concerns into positive testimonials.

  • ✁EAll accidental stains

  • ✁EAccidental rips, tears, punctures

  • ✁EAccidental burns or heat marks

  • ✁ENail polish

  • ✁EWater and beverage marks or rings

  • ✁EAccidental scratch, gouge, chip, or dent that penetrates the top coat of hard surface finish

  • ✁EAccidental damage to fringe

  • ✁EPet protection from scratches, biting and stains ($149.99 Program Only)

  • ✁EA structural or component failure due to a defect in materials and workmanship

  • ✁EBreakage of frames, glass, mirrors, mechanisms, welds, swivel bases, recliner handles and assembled joints

  • ✁EComponent mechanical and electrical failures such as defective motors, massagers, vibrating units and heaters

  • ✁ESeam and stitching separation

  • ✁EZippers, buttons and tufted buttons

  • ✁ELoss of silvering

FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS - Purchases under $1000

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