Wall Sticker Jm7311 Beautiful Things

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  • Art stickers for walls that can be removed.
  • You can easily change the atmosphere of your room without damaging the walls.
  • Cannot be used under the following conditions.
    The surface may be rough or rough, or the surface may be wet, or delicate materials such as paper cloth, shoji or Japanese paper may be dirty, or it may not be able to be attached depending on the condition or type of wallpaper or wall surface.
  • Handling precautions.
    Wipe off any dirt on the surface to be applied and apply after drying.
    If you use the sticker again, please keep the surface of the mount clean.
    Please carefully return 1 stickers to the mount and store at room temperature.
    If you reapply it many times, the adhesion will weaken.
    Do not apply to areas exposed to direct sunlight.
    This may cause discoloration.
    If you touch the adhesive surface, the adhesion will be weakened by sebum.
    If applied to the same place for a long time, sunburn marks may remain.
    When removing stickers, the surface of the wallpaper may come off or be damaged.
    Also, adhesive may remain.
    I recommend you to check the condition of the wallpaper before pasting.
    This product does not guarantee long-term attachment, so please use it for temporary redecoration.
    The usage period may vary depending on the conditions of the paste location.
    When removing stickers from the wall, please peel off the wallpaper little by little from the edges to prevent it from peeling off.
    When it is difficult to remove, lightly heat the surface with a dryer to make it easier to remove.


  • Polyvinyl Chloride


  • 23.62"W X 0.04"D X 35.43"H (60 X 0.1 X 90cm)

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*This service is available to most locations in the continental US and is only available for ground floor deliveries.

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