Wool Dryer Balls 3PC

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  • Just put it in a dryer!
  • The ball absorbs moisture and reduces the drying time.
  • Prevents wrinkles and static electricity, making it fluffy.
  • Prevent the washing of the laundry and dry evenly.
  • Finish washing and put this product before drying and dry it together with laundry.
  • If all of the automatic dryer is used, the laundry should be finished, and after dehydration, the dry course should be selected before the product can be put into the product. (Approx. 13.23 lb of laundry for 3 pieces of this product). Adjust the number of use according to the amount of the product, depending on the type of product used or the amount of laundry.
  • Please dry it thoroughly after use.


  • Wool


  • 2.36"W X 2.36"D X 2.36"H (6 X 6 X 6cm)

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